Hey there, I’m Lesley… and I’m here to help you achieve your “WHY!”

It’s simple really: passion + purpose = ahmayzing results. The obvious hurdle? Finding the what, when and how to make it happen—lucky for you, that’s where I come in! I coach smart + savvy women like you every day to discover your potential and create your own financial freedom and happiness in a business that just.won’t.stop.

I’m one part no nonsense, one part high energy and a whole lotta fun!

After spending 10 years teaching special education students—who will always hold a place in my heart—I felt myself craving something… NEW. DIFFERENT. FLEXIBLE. EXCITING.

It was time to take my “side hustle” full time and within 1.5 years I rose to the top .01% of the company—and guess what? SO.CAN.YOU!

From teacher to coach, helping others discover their strengths is my own kind of superpower… are you ready to get pretty real with me as your new mentor?!

Does This Sound Like You?

—> You’re ready for BIG, beautiful things in your life.
—> You know it takes work… but you’re ready to go all in.
—> What you’re doing now isn’t exactly ticking the boxes of happiness.
—> Financial freedom has a nice little ring to it right about now.
—> You’re (beyond) ready to own your success.

It has been my ultimate fortune to not only work with Lesley Nizza, but to actually partner with her hand in hand over the past 5 years in my business. 

Lesley is the type of leader that you dream about. Completely independent yet works flawlessly when collaborating. Leads with her head but always thinks with her heart. Happy to work tirelessly behind the scenes but will knock your socks off with her dynamic leadership and content. She is the complete package and I’m so lucky that I get to call her a true partner and friend.

-Sarah Leblanc – RFx Meridian Achiever

Who needs a lackluster life when living the one you’ve been daydreaming about is just a decision and quick click away?

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