Get to Know Me…

Want to know what really gets me going? Ambition. Success. Hard work. Smiling faces. And days filled with sunshine.

An ideal day for me would be celebrating the success of one of my newest team members on the beach, soaking up the sun with my family’s laughter just inches away.

Sounds pretty good, right?

While not every day looks like that, #HelloPureMichigan, the genuine love for life is a mainstay—and it’s only getting better from here.

You Control Your Happiness

I still felt that I needed a change for ME and after a healthy dose of weighing the pros and cons, I followed my heart.

All cards on the table? It wasn’t always like this.

5 years ago I made the decision to empower myself and take control over my own freedom and success. It’s not that I didn’t love what I did—I worked with children with special needs and if you don’t know already, they have some of the biggest hearts I’ve ever come across.

There’s always a but, isn’t there?

Here it is —-> I still felt that I needed a change for ME and after a healthy dose of weighing the pros and cons, I followed my heart.


In the spirit of being a #PrettyRealBossBabe, I have to confess

—-> Despite the excitement, I was still nervous. All the normal questions ran through my head:

• Who will join me in business?
• What if no one buys from me??
• I have to SELL???

That last one… WOW. Pushy salespeople are NOT my people… and I refused to be one of them. I wondered if I could still be successful without exhausting my friends and family 24/7.

Turns out… I could. And I did.

Now, I fill my days enjoying the big + small moments with my family, working to maintain my top .01% ranking in the company, helping other women discover what truly healthy, beautiful skin looks like, and coaching other women to step into their own independence for a life that lights them up.

How’s that sound for a solid day’s work?

Lesley has and STILL is to this day (even though she is extremely successful) a top notch leader and mentor.

She listens, she motivates, she helps you where you need it most and sometimes it’s just an encouraging conversation. Lesley is successful because of those attributes and understands that it’s not about her, but rather about her team. She pours into us daily and weekly and we are truly grateful for that as her teammates. She a great support for others success.

-Lana Satawa – Premier Mercedes Car Achiever

Who needs a lackluster life when living the one you’ve been daydreaming about is just a decision and quick click away?

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