What Does Coaching With Me Look Like?

I can tell you this —-> I am here to help you change your life. No small task but I’ve never been a fan of playing it small anyway. In fact, you should probably know that I am intensely competitive… in the very best way.

To date I’ve mentored 13 company car achievers, all earning 5-6+ figures yearly; 125 direct business partners; and, have helped 50+ women to make their mark in the top 2% of the company.

I won’t drag you along kicking and screaming… but if you’re committed to being coached, I’m committed to helping you achieve your goals.

1:1 Coaching

If you’re thinking about joining my team then go ahead and do a little happy dance—you’re halfway there. Big decisions require big leaps of faith <<—- I get it.

1:1 Coaching Is For You If You…

—-> Are ready to be coached to the top…
—-> Have an appetite for success (and the dedication that it takes to get there)…
—-> Are a self-starter + motivator…
—-> Know it’s time for that oh, so good feeling of being financially independent…
—-> Want to help others have the best skincare of their lives…
—-> Are smitten with the idea of a community that inspires, supports and celebrates one another…

Together, we’ll work 10-15 hours each week—either in person or on the phone—to identify, target and achieve your goals. With direct, honest coaching I’ll help you go from underwhelmed to overflowing with purpose + passion.

This industry almost sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? Girl Scout’s Honor the skincare business has flipped the script on what I thought “direct sales” ever could be—while changing the lives of thousands of women across the world.

And oh, yes, mine included.

You can learn more about how the company got its start, the incredible recognition it’s garnered since and the effortless ways to start saying YES! to a career in skincare today!

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Not Ready to Join the Team… But Still Crave An Incredible Skincare Routine? I’ve got you covered!

Become a Preferred Customer and Prepare to Reap the Rewards…

• 10% All Products
• FREE Shipping
• Replenishment On Orders Every 60 Days (If Desired)
• My Personal, Customer-Only Perks, Rewards and Incentives
• Oh, and the healthiest skin of your life.

Who needs a lackluster life when living the one you’ve been daydreaming about is just a decision and quick click away?

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